Saturday, October 18, 2008

Voting, Fireworks and Sculptures by the Sea

I've done it! I've cast my vote for Barack Obama. He's the first candidate I've ever voted for who really excited me. My last vote for president was really a vote against Bush, even though I thought Kerry was pretty good anyway. Gore, before that, was okay but I wasn't really interested in politics at the time.

Last night went to the grand opening of a new hardware store near the house and were treated to what must have been the best fireworks display we've seen in quite some time. The best part was that it was almost directly over our heads. Kent was asleep when it started but when the sound woke him, he was quite thrilled.

(That's Miyako's friend, not Kent)

Today, we went to Tamarama beach to see the annual art event, Sculptures by the Sea. It was wonderful and the seaside was more amazing than ever. While walking along the cliff wall, we talked about how it wouldn't be unreasonable for someone to spend thousands of dollars to visit a place like this. We live 40 minutes away. We even got to see a whale and her calf making their way down the coast along with a pod of dolphins. I even got a picture of the mother.

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