Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Amazing Day in the City

We woke this morning determined to do something fun today. Work has been a little stressful lately and the back garden is now officially complete, so we felt it was time to get out of the house (not that it's all that uncommon). We jumped in the car and made the 1-hour trip to the city to visit the Australian Museum where they're doing an exhibition of dinosaur bones. Miyako went wild with all the displays, and much to our delight, Kent really seemed to get into the whole thing as well. He was squealing with joy as he ran from one display to the next, touching many things he shouldn't have. Miyako wanted to watch a movie about life in Queensland 10 million years ago but was horrified when it showed a swarm of baby dinosaurs being ambushed by a much larger meat eater that roared with contentment when it was done chewing.

After the museum we walked across the street to Hyde park where there was an outdoor photography expo, which was also very nice. The weather was absolutely perfect (quite typically so, however) so we stayed out for quite some time. Kent chased ibises. Miyako picked flowers. We felt like tourists, taking so many photos. We wrapped up the morning with lunch at our favorite Japanese noodle shop in Victoria Gallery. It was all very pleasant.

Tomorrow starts the last week of the semester. It's been a tough one, yet again. I had to go into work THREE DAYS A WEEK FOR THE PAST 13 WEEK! Slave boy, slave boy...

Enjoy the photos and leave us a comment, please.


keiko Takeo said...


Mom Kimball said...

All of your pictures are wonderful but these rank among the best. You captured not only precious moments but the "feeling" of each experience. If I were a young person looking at your blog I would put my head down and work toward finding a way to live in Australia !

I think you should send this to Luke but it may alter your relationship with your sister if you do.

P.S. I agree with Keiko 100 %

Ed Kimball said...

Great pictures! I remember how scared Adam was when we took him to see dinosaurs at the U-M Natural History museum. Kent and Miyako seemed to show no fear at all!

I'm sure I agree with Keiko too!

Dallas said...

you need to educate me on other delightful japanese culinary establishments. my experience with japanese ranges from mall sushi (ugh!), one bout of sashimi on a cruise ship, teriyaki chicken, and tempura vegetables. i really think i'm missing out, but don't really know where to begin. any recommendations?