Friday, January 1, 2010

1 January 2010

Recording some figures on the occasion of the new year. (all in local figures: Australia)

  • Price of milk: $3.70/3 litre bottle.
  • Price of loaf of bread: $1.90.
  • Price of litre of petrol: $1.28.
  • 1 share of stock in Google, the leading Internet company: US$620.00.
  • Cost of 1 terabyte hard disk drive (which is considered large but rapidly becoming standard): about $200.
  • Apple iMac is popular personal computer, runs as about 2.2 Gigahertz. 
  • President: Barack Obama.
  • VP: Joe Biden, Sec. of State: Hillary Clinton.
  • Biggest events of the last year: General Motors files for bankruptcy; global financial crisis; Obama's inauguration; Black Friday bush fires in Victoria; Beijing Olympics; iPhone 3G... almost passed major health insurance reform in the US...

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