Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Simple Green Solution

Kyoko thought of a simple way to save a good deal of energy. We make tea and instant coffee several times a day and we make instant soup several times a week. To do this, we usually heat up water in an electric hot water pot that is very fast and easy to use. It boils about 1.5L of water in about 1 minute, which makes us think it consumes a great deal of energy. Rather than repeating the heating process several times in a day just to make tea or coffee, we now just do it once in the morning and then put the remaining water into a nice new Thermos. The water stays warm all day and we never have to use the pot again. It's a very easy way to save energy. This and our new compost bin make us feel like were doing something good for the enviornment. Soon we'll have a garden that will do even more.

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anna said...

Great idea. Everything we can do helps.